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All proceeds go toward the ‘Women in Need‘ project – An initiative to help provide healing/rehabilitation and retreat accommodation for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat.

Our range has come from a deep reflective and mindfulness process over the last 15 years – a catalyst of a spiritual awakening

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Doubt Everythingkarma fashion tshirts

Doubt everything is a teaching of the Buddha. It refers to not accepting everything as truth and to using your own heart and mind to discern your beliefs about life. I like this because it promotes healthy skepticism living on blind faith takes away your personal power! ?

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Miley Cyrus’s Freedom

Liberation or Moksha is the fundamental aim of meditation, spiritual practice or life in general. We have an innate, hardwired desire to be free; to obtain happiness. It is what the Buddhists, Hindu’s, Sufi’s, Taoists and Christian mystics are all pointing to. As I was pondering this, I thought about how this may be playing out in the contemporary materialist and authoritarian Western cultures. Miley’s video “wrecking ball” was playing at the time and I realised that she is expressing this part of our psyche’s desire for freedom in the mass consciousness through song and performance. So I drew this and feel it correlates nicely with the idea of liberating from the chains of societal indoctrination and fear.

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Today I was contemplating individuation (in the Jungian sense) .Individuation was a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung. For Jung, individuation is the process of becoming aware of ones true self; beyond the conditioned conscious mind. Jung believed that through accessing our unconscious mind (which effects our life unknowingly) and meeting with our shadow, we could become fully integrated individuals living connected to all beings..

This can be a psychologically and/or spiritually painful process as we have many hidden (shadow) parts to our psyche that we prefer to keep unrevealed (fear). They have often been rejected in childhood by family and/or society and therefore have been repressed. Self realisation requires a meeting and acceptance of our shadow self.

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I was thinking about how learning happens and how our education system doesn’t always promote diverse thinking and accelerated learning. Einstein’s famous quote came to mind” I never came upon any of my discoveries through rational thinking”. And I was drawn to draw Einstein. I love how he is a respected scientist now, although he doesn’t fit the stereotype – he actually looks like a crazy artist – perhaps that is why he was able to discover a fundamental scientifc theory. It’s all relative!

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Flow with life

I was contemplating a feather that had landed in front of me while I was processing my day. It was so lovely, I was impelled to draw it. It made me think about the flow of life, how harmonious life is when we flow with things. It’s a fundamental principle of the Tao or the ‘Way’.

Taoism is an acient philosophy that has infiltrated the Western psyche, ever heard the saying ‘go with the flow’, that’s The way of Tao. Living with the flow of nature, in basic terms.

“Those who lives the Tao ( “sacred intuition” ) act in their life and dealings as water acts in nature. Water does not resist, yet it conquers all; it is tasteless — suggesting the invisibility of the Tao — yet life-giving. It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure. It is supple, flexible, and humble; it does not compete” ~Taoism

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Lordess of Love

The Lordess of love was inspired after reading the Upanishads (Indian Scriptures)  one day when I had some spare time and felt unsure. I was struck by the deep stillness I felt whilst reading the deliciously poetic verses. Yet, I was effected by the fact that the pronoun was consistently and absolutely male (him) in the text and The Lord of Love was used persistently (the godhead). So, I was wondering if the path to liberation was only meant to be for men. That perhaps women are already liberated and didn’t need the scriptures. So I made the Lordess of Love.

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I was feeling disconnected for a little while so I realised I had to go back to beginners mind and began chanting the Aum (Om) sound, I had forgotten its power lately. Anyway, I went into meditation and this image came to me, so I painted it. Of course I felt more connected and loving thereafter 🙂

The Aum symbol has become a recognisable image in the Western consciousness. The Aum sound ૐ is from the Yogas, the Vedic texts – The Hindu traditions believe it to be the sound of the universe, as described in the Upanishads and the Buddhist traditions. It is used as a meditation technique to bring us out of the mind chatter and into the flow of the universe.


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I am your karma

I was laying under the mango tree thinking about being intimate again. I began to daydream… and thinking about all the qualities I would like to share with another. It made me think about true love and how karma plays a role in our relationships. And I thought haha “I would be that person’s karma“. And this T-shirt arose :).

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Fear            Fear Yoga psychology

They say there are two driving factors in life – Fear and Love. These are often used as gauges along the spiritual or self development paths. Looking at emotions, thoughts, behaviours and actions from this query – “Is it coming from fear or love?” If it is fear we have a place to work from with our healing and if it is love – it’s a green light – Time to act!

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What  were you thinking          karma art fashion

What were you thinking came from a process I was undergoing at a time in my life when I was questioning how our mind creates our reality. I was watching my thoughts an when a negative thoght came up I replaced it with a more life affirming and prosperous thought. This went on for days. It is hard work. I documente tis and saw before my eyes how my life was actually changing for the better. What I was thinking was coming true!

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#Bruce                   streetwear fashion

One day I felt a  longing for someone I was becoming fond of.  I drew Bruce. Bruce represents that innocent yet melancholic yearning for someone who is not around . Bruce is love sick.

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Where did you go        streetwear fashion

I was thinking about relationships and reflecting on all the ‘spiritual’ meme’s floating around social media that are effecting our social psyche. In particular the one that says “We meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. I suppose this has some merit, especially if you lean towards the idea of  karma and reincarnation.

There is this feeling you sometimes get when you meet someone – the one where you feel as though you have known them forever, or there is abundance of synchronicity. It made me think about that feeling you get when a relationship like this ends. There is a knowing, a feeling that there is no going back. And, you cannot go back from there, no matter how hard you try. And you wonder “where did you go”..

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Embody It   streetwear fashion

Embodying the understanding and insights we have about life, not only bring us into integrity, but give us a deepening within our experience. And through experience we are able to grow and reach deeper into truth. The closer we are living to the truth and natural law, the more we are in the flow. The more harmonious our lives are :).

In the Yogas, the Buddhist tradition, the Tao, Shamanism, Alchemy and even Tarot, the idea of embodying is vital to the growth and development of a person!

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But I am here  

I was talking to a friend about Love and heartbreak. We discussed how we could still be spiritually connected to someone without having to be in their life if the relationship is causing too much pain. This made me feel like  doing some art an expressing how it made me feel.


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It comes in Waves

I drew this image to express a feeling of restlessness and hurtful feelings one day when my mind began to dwell in the past. I had to pull myself back into the present moment and the minute I did I felt I was able to see the situation differently. I found an image in an old French revolution art book not long after that reminded me of this feeling.

It was a  painting by ‘Goya’ of the 1700’s..from a painting he did about about ‘girls who wont stay at home’, risk exposing themselves to hardship’.. he was a political painter in the mid 17 to early 1800’s who later in life began to paint social, political and religious abuses of the times… I mucked around with it a bit to express how our heartbreak and losses come striking us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

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Let it Go

The woman came from a period when I was processing attachment and contemporary society. Letting go is essentially a mindfulness practice from the Buddhist traditions. It has become a popular catch phrase. FYI is refers to attachment of the mind. It isn’t referring to a person or a thing (although, this at times may be appropriate), it is about letting go of the judgements in the mind related to an issue or situation.
Just let it go,OK!

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Bat Karma

Bat Boy came from a  picture I took of a bat I found in my yard one day. It was an exquisite picture of a bat that I  thought “It looks like a Zen Buddhist leather queen contemplating its next astral disco”. Here is the picture. So I drew Bat boy. Bat Boy represents the universality of life. The karmic cycles.




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