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Enjoying the silence karma silence

I had a dilemma, I was having a day of silence and so i couldn’t tell people when I saw them, so I made a t-shirt 🙂
I think it is really good to have a day of silence and let the mind settle and enjoy the freedom of peace.

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Doubt Everything streetwear fashion

Doubt everything is a teaching of the Buddha. It refers to not accepting everything as truth and to using your own heart and mind to discern your beliefs about life. I like this because it promotes healthy skepticism.

While, living on blind faith takes away your personal power! ? How awesome is this? – Buddhism on your streetwear fashion.

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Human Nature    

I was sitting under the mango tree contemplating my day, when suddenly I realised I had stopped all mind activity and was just being. Thus, my awareness then moved towards my surroundings and the tree.

So, for a moment I just sat in this presence; in the stillness with the tree and I felt a lovely warmth in my heart and a pervading peace. As I sat with that feeling my mind soon started conceptualising what was happening. Then, I grabbed my charcoal and drew what was happening to me. As a result, I felt a kind of oneness, a communion.

We are nature

We are a part of nature, therefore, what we do effects nature and nature effects us – I felt this – not on an intellectual level (although that was present after), but on a deep sensual level.

In addition Psychology still debates nature verses nurture. And, Science still debates evolution. Therefore we still don’t and perhaps never will understand consciousness. But, I am ok with that mystery. As, I think that letting go of the knowing of this is the key – a vital part of the yoga – like I kind of did under the tree that day.

yoga art fashionstreetwear fashionyoga art

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The Ouoroboros    yoga pants ouroborous

Each moment we are changing, as a natural evolutionary process; our cells are continually regenerating without us doing a thing. Therefore, our brains are changeable – we can actually change our brain by our will and our thoughts. This gives us the power to create a new reality – a new perspective, new thoughts, that can become new habits. How exciting 🙂

The Ouroboros

from Greek οὐροβόρος (οὐρά, “tail,” and -βορος, “devouring”) is an ancient symbolic illustration, of a serpent or dragon, eating its own tail.

Thus, It was adopted as a Hermetic symbol and used in alchemy, from the ancient Greek magic traditions .Thus,  often taken to symbolise introspection, the eternal – Much in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself. What the new age refers to as rebirth; Both, in transpersonal psychology and spiritual circles . It represents the infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction, life and death.

Consequently, I have used the Early alchemical Ouroboros illustration which normally has the words ἓν τὸ πᾶν (“The All is One”) in the centre – from the work of Cleopatra the Alchemist (c. third century, Egypt). As it is my favorite depiction of the Ouroboros.

The symbol

is found in all traditions and religions either in the form of a snake or a dragon. Also, In Yogic tradition Ouroboros symbolism has been used to describe the Kundalini. In the medieval Yoga-kundalini Upanishad, “The divine power, Kundalini, shines like the stem of a young lotus; like a snake, coiled round upon herself she holds her tail in her mouth and lies resting half asleep as the base of the body” (1.82).

In conclusion, it seems the ancient mystics understood the cyclic nature of life and perhaps the brain without modern scientific instruments or the tiresome academic processes and they all seem to be consistently pointing to the same thing.

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Nonduality  nondual yoga

Nondualism is a philosophical and traditional Hindu concept that the absolute reality consists of no thing, no time and no space. It’s called Advaita Vedanta meaning ‘not two’ – indicating a oneness. We see this also in Einstein’s space-time theory.

It’s a tricky one to get yr head around. That’s why Indian philosophy and Einstein both point to clearing the mind of distractions (thoughts), so that this can be realised.

This picture came into my mind when I was meditating one day recently, so I drew it… I was thinking about how when we stop and be still time seems to fold in on itself. So it’s called ’time folding in on itself.”.

I thought the saying “I’ll be there in no time’ was a funny because if there is no time or no place to go then…

You can learn a little more about non-duality.

karma yoganon dual artnon-dual artist

Forest Bird    yoga art

“The forest bird never wants a cage” is a term coined by the Henrik Isben – a Norwegian philosopher, poet and playwright of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

I find it interesting and saddening that such knowledge and consciousness was around hundreds of years ago and still we are not protecting our environment and wildlife. Hence, I often go into nature to regenerate and to re-calibrate. I am always astounded by the beauty of and the ways the wildlife live with us and it helps me to contemplate and understand cooperation.

We can all live together peacefully and nature shows us how – this is the Tao. This is the yoga!

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Inner Peaceinner peace yoga

Wikipedia defines Inner Peace as: “(or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.”
Most people are seeking peace in life, usually from some stimulus or an external situation. So they keep going after more more more. The Yogas say it is within – they point to the inner self to find peace. From 15 years of daily meditation I would have to agree :). How cool – Yoga on your streetwear fashion.

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Kundalini  kundalini yoga

Kundalini is becoming a popularised phenomena, usually misunderstood; with Western popular culture aggrandizing it into a sexual or manifestation power that can be forced and controlled.

Kundalini as introduced by the Yogas is a powerful life force that is beyond the conception of the human mind and is that which creates us, not us it!

Kundalini, means a “spiral” or “coil”. In Yoga, Kundalini Shakti means the “coiled power.” It is compared to a serpent that lies coiled while resting or sleeping. It is said that it rises through energy systems (when awoken) in our body (often fiercely) clearing them to dissolve our conditioned self to become a higher Self – our whole Self.

The Kundalini phenomena is found in most traditions and mystical cultures but with different names and cultural story lines.The transformation from matter, or limitlessness, to light and “spirit” is universally acknowledged as the task of Kundalini, the Divine conscious power that resides within us. In Hindu it is said to be a feminine power- a creational force!

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Miley Cyrus’s Freedomstreetwear yoga

Liberation or Moksha is the fundamental aim of meditation, spiritual practice or life in general. We have an innate, hardwired desire to be free; to obtain happiness. It is what the Buddhists, Hindu’s, Sufi’s, Taoists and Christian mystics are all pointing to.

As I was pondering this, I thought about how this may be playing out in the contemporary materialist and authoritarian Western cultures. Miley’s video “wrecking ball” was playing at the time and I realised that she is expressing this part of our psyche’s desire for freedom in the mass consciousness through song and performance. So I drew this and feel it correlates nicely with the idea of liberating from the chains of societal indoctrination and fear.

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Today I was contemplating individuation (in the Jungian sense). Individuation was a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung. For Jung, individuation is the process of becoming aware of ones true self; beyond the conditioned conscious mind. Hence, Jung believed that through accessing our unconscious mind (which effects our life unknowingly) and meeting with our shadow, we could become fully integrated individuals living connected to all beings..

This can be a psychologically and/or spiritually painful process as we have many hidden (shadow) parts to our psyche that we prefer to keep unrevealed (fear). They have often been rejected in childhood by family and/or society and therefore have been repressed. Self realisation requires a meeting and acceptance of our shadow self.

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Somewhere in Between     yoga fashion

This one is called “Somewhere between Byron and Nimbin”. Let me explain 🙂

Nimbin is a famous town (One hour from Byron) in NSW . Nimbin is surrounded by lush green hills and valleys as is Byron. Nimbin however is inland and is filled with rivers and creeks and rainforest and Byron is a beach side town. It is full of rich Aboriginal history and sacred story. It is the land of the Bundjalung people and this is respected by most of the locals that live here.


Also, is an alternate town – with original hippies moving there in the 70’s on the forefront of trying to create a utopia, a society that lives consciously with the land. It’s a down to Earth rural town with a twist that promotes liberation; being free and true to your true self – whatever that may be!

Furthermore, with a huge advocacy for legalising cannabis, it prides itself on environmental initiatives such as permaculture, sustainability and self-sufficiency. Therefore as the cannabis counterculture. Hence, I call it ‘Australian’s accidental Amsterdam’. It has the raw Aussie working class vibe to it!

Byron Bay

And, the Famous Byron is a thriving beach side town that has a vibe of liberation with an underbelly of Aussie locals and spiritual seekers and some charlatans. Its a mixed bag of materialism and freedom. But the beach and the vibe have something magic that brings people from all around the world back again and again.

So, I recently (spontaneously) took a week off to regenerate. Itook my tent and bare minimals and camped by the river in Nimbin for three days. No one around, I meditated by the river in the thick of the rainforest, eating Bunya nuts and wild tomatoes and brewing my tea on the fire. I then caught a bus to Byron, an hour of winding roads amid sweeping valleys, rivers and hills of lush green with the occasional duck on the back of a cow in meadows. And farms galore.

Finally, when I arrived home I grabbed the paintbrush and an old canvas and this arose from my subconscious within 10 minutes. I called it ‘somewhere between Nimbin and Byron’. Is I had merged the two together. The peace and tranquility of the rainforest and the beauty of the beach – a happy medium. As the Buddha says ” The middle way” 🙂

Notice, while in the middle of the forest there is a mystical scene – it represents the non-local world – that which goes unseen. The magic of both places is in this scene 🙂

karma yoga pantskarma fashionByron bay art

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I was thinking about how learning happens and how our education system doesn’t always promote diverse thinking and accelerated learning. Einstein’s famous quote came to mind “I never came upon any of my discoveries through rational thinking”. And, I was drawn to draw Einstein.

Also,  I love how he is a respected scientist now, although he doesn’t fit the stereotype. Yet, he actually looks like a crazy artist – perhaps that is why he was able to discover a fundamental scientific theory. It’s all relative!

streetwear fashion einstein relativity t-shirt

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Flow with life        flow with life

I was contemplating a feather that had landed in front of me while I was processing my day. It was so lovely, I was impelled to draw it. It made me think about the flow of life, how harmonious life is when we flow with things. It’s a fundamental principle of the Tao or the ‘Way’.

Taoism is an ancient philosophy that has infiltrated the Western psyche, ever heard the saying ‘go with the flow’, that’s The way of Tao. Living with the flow of nature, in basic terms.

“Those who lives the Tao ( “sacred intuition” ) act in their life and dealings as water acts in nature. Water does not resist, yet it conquers all; it is tasteless — suggesting the invisibility of the Tao — yet life-giving. It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure. It is supple, flexible, and humble; it does not compete” ~Taoism

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Love Biology    yoga wear

I drew this woman one day when I was was undergoing a change of heart. I had some big realisations and it caused me to completely change my perspective on a situation. Everything got turned upside down and I felt as though my entire map of reality was shifting. Was I falling in love? I mean things get weird when one begin to fall in love… It sure did feel similar.

Bruce Lipton the biologist and spiritual activist says this about falling in love
” During this juicy time of life, , our perception of the world expands and our eyes twinkle with delight. Our affection isn’t limited to our selected partner; rather we are in love with life itself and it shows. We take risks to experiment with new foods, activities and clothes.

We listen more, share more and take more time for pleasure. Lipton chuckles how what seems hostile the day before becomes heaven on earth when we’re in love. We don’t even notice the aggressive drivers that irritated the heck out of us yesterday; today, we’re lost in daydreams and love songs.

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Tracey Chapman   tracy chapman art

Tracy Chapman changed so many lives and hearts as her bluesy grass roots folk intonations reverberated the 80’s like a much needed reality bite. Waking us up to ourselves an the world around us.

Matters of the Heart was her 3rd album featuring the song.. you guessed it “Matters of the heart”. whith the opening verse:

“I lose my head
From time to time
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart”

We’ve all been there. Hopefully 🙂

I sketched this and graphically manipulated it to enhance the monochromatic feel that I feel suits the tone of Tracy and her revolutionary style.

yoga pants

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In Good Hands  yoga art

I was researching Micheal Angelo and the influence he had on art. I realised he was employed by the Pope of the time and was under orders to convey Catholic messages. He asked for specific freedom to paint his own ideas upon his Sistine Chapels commission, which the Pope eventually allowed.

He painted a scene ‘The Creation of Adam’, apparently inspired by the ’Book of Genesis, depicting God as a white bearded man reaching out to Adam (a naked man) with his hand. It is one of the worlds most renowned artistic works which finds thousands lining up each day to marvel at this piece..

I looked at this picture long and hard and was compelled to redraw the image with a feminine interpretation to show how our psyche reacts to image. I used the long fingernails to show how we have structured gender around certain unnatural expectations. My interpreting the female ‘hand of god’ with painted nails and Micheal’s painting god as a white man are equally oppressive of truth and the beauty that both may have to offer.

I added the quote “Your in good hands” as a pun on ‘The hand of God’ to express the maternal nature of the mother of creation, a nurturing element (that may be hindered by the fake painted nails) and one that is not represented in the christian era. And thought it was a refreshing gesture 🙂

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Lordess of Lovelord of love yoga

The Lordess of love was inspired after reading the Upanishads (Indian Scriptures), one day when I had some spare time and felt unsure. I was struck by the deep stillness I felt whilst reading the deliciously poetic verses.

Yet, I was effected by the fact that the pronoun was consistently and absolutely male (him) in the text and The Lord of Love was used persistently (the godhead).

And, I was wondering if the path to liberation was only meant to be for men. That perhaps women are already liberated and didn’t need the scriptures. So I made the Lordess of Love.

yoga art yoga art 

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Aum            yoga art

I was feeling disconnected for a little while. So, I realised I had to go back to beginners mind and began chanting the Aum (Om) sound. As, I had forgotten its power lately. Anyway, I went into meditation and this image came to me. So I painted it. Of course I felt more connected and loving thereafter 🙂

Much as, the Aum symbol has become a recognisable image in the Western consciousness. The Aum sound ૐ is from the Yogas, the Vedic texts.

The Hindu traditions believe it to be the sound of the universe, as described in the Upanishads and the Buddhist traditions. It is used as a meditation technique to bring us out of the mind chatter and into the flow of the universe. This is one of our favorite streetwear fashion options.

aum Tishirt

I am your karmakarma tops

I was laying under the mango tree thinking about being intimate again. I began to daydream,and thinking about all the qualities I would like to share with another. It made me think about true love and how karma plays a role in our relationships. And, I thought haha “I would be that person’s karma“. And this T-shirt arose . 🙂

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CONTEMPLATION            buddhist contemplayion

Contemplation is a vital part of our evolution as a species.Therefore, it is integral to spiritual and emotional development. We are the only species with the capacity to self reflect.

Therefore, if I hadn’t spent time contemplating I would still be making the same mistakes over and over. As well as remaining in poverty consciousness. It’s such a wonderful gift. We all have it! We reckon get  conscious streetwear fashion on your chest.

Yoga fashion yoga art mini skirt streetwear clothing

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Fear            Fear Yoga psychology

They say there are two driving factors in life – Fear and Love. Hence, these are often used as gauges along the spiritual or self development paths. Looking at emotions, thoughts, behaviours and actions from this query. “Is it coming from fear or love?” If it is fear we have a place to work from with our healing and if it is love – it’s a green light – Time to act!

Therfore, wear your he(art) on your streetwear fashion!

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What  were you thinking          karma art fashion

What were you thinking came from a process I was undergoing at a time in my life when I was questioning how our mind creates our reality. I was watching my thoughts and when a negative thought came up I replaced it with a more life affirming and prosperous thought.

As a result, this went on for days. And, It is hard work. I documented this and saw before my eyes how my life was actually changing for the better. What I was thinking was coming true! How funky – conversational streetwear fashion.

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#Bruce                   streetwear fashion

One day I felt a  longing for someone I was becoming fond of.  I drew Bruce. So, Bruce represents that innocent yet melancholic yearning for someone who is not around . Bruce is love sick.

  yoga pants

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Where did you go        streetwear fashion

I was thinking about relationships and reflecting on all the ‘spiritual’ meme’s floating around social media that are effecting our social psyche. Much as, the one that says “We meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime”.

So, I suppose this has some merit, especially if you lean towards the idea of  karma and reincarnation.

Hence, there is this feeling you sometimes get when you meet someone . The one where you feel as though you have known them forever, or there is abundance of synchronicity. So, it made me think about that feeling you get when a relationship like this ends.

There is a knowing, a feeling that there is no going back. And, you cannot go back from there, no matter how hard you try. And you wonder “where did you go”..

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Embody It   streetwear fashion

Embodying the understanding and insights we have about life, not only bring us into integrity, but give us a deepening within our experience. Therefore, through experience we are able to grow and reach deeper into truth. The closer we are living to the truth and natural law, the more we are in the flow. Hence,the more harmonious our lives are :).

In addition, in the Yogas, the Buddhist tradition, the Tao, Shamanism, Alchemy and even Tarot, the idea of embodying is vital to the growth and development of a person – and your streetwear fashion ! 🙂

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streetwear fashion

But I am here  

I was talking to a friend about Love and heartbreak. We discussed how we could still be spiritually connected to someone without having to be in their life if the relationship is causing too much pain. Hence, this made me feel like  doing some art and expressing how it made me feel. Taking streetwear fashion to the next level.

karma fashion streetwearkarma tshirtsyoga pants

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It comes in Wavesyoga fashion

I drew this image to express a feeling of restlessness and hurtful feelings one day when my mind began to dwell in the past. I had to pull myself back into the present moment and the minute I did I felt I was able to see the situation differently. Later, I found an image in an old French revolution art book not long after that reminded me of this feeling.

It was a  painting by ‘Goya’ of the 1700’s, from a painting he did about about ‘girls who wont stay at home’, risk exposing themselves to hardship’. As he was a political painter in the mid 17 to early 1800’s, consequently later in life  he began to paint social, political and religious abuses of the time.

Also,  I mucked around with it a bit to express how our heartbreak and losses come striking us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

karma fashion t-shirtsyoga fashion

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yoga art

                                             YOGA POSE 

#Yoga means Union and really points to the toes.. oops I mean to the equilibrium of our lives, mind, body and soul. Unified Consciousness.

However, most people, In the West, when they think of Yoga think it’s about the selfies oops… I mean poses, the physical exercises. Therefore, Asanas or yoga poses are actually a recent addition to the Hatha Yoga system (which originated around 400 Ad).

Hatha Yoga

was born of the yoga sutras, by Patanjali ( a yogic scholar) which are a designed to help one live a rich and fulfilling healthy life. Union with life. Or for the serious practitioner Enlightenment. They are derived from the ancient yogic principles.

Also, Yoga was developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India more then 5,000 years ago (as far as we know). Hence, the word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda. The Vedas are a compilation of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests – which were refined and developed by the Brahmans and Rishis (mystic seers) who documented their practices and beliefs in the Upanishads – famous yogis texts.


were created by an Indian yogi – Yogi Swatmarama in recent centuries and are not found anywhere in earlier texts. They are an excellent addition to the yogas as they promote a supple body and help with physical health and a way to get the body ready for meditation , maybe.

So, as the saying goes “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down”. I drew this picture one morning when I was feeling despondent and didn’t really want to do much, but had a lot to do – what we call in the west Procrastination. It’s called Uttanasana pose which comes from the Sanskrit uttana, which means “intense stretch” and asana, which means “a seat” or “posture.”

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karma t-shirts

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Let it Go   yoga wear

The woman came from a period when I was processing attachment and contemporary society. Much as, Letting go is essentially a mindfulness practice from the Buddhist traditions. Hence, It has become a popular catch phrase.

It refers to attachment of the mind. So unlike popular belief, It isn’t referring to a person or a thing (although, this at times may be appropriate. Opposite,  it is about letting go of the judgements in the mind related to an issue or situation.

Therefore, Just let it go, OK !  But don’t let go of your streetwear fashion

streetwear fashion

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Bat Karma

Finally, Bat Boy came from a  picture I took of a bat I found in my yard one day. While it was an exquisite picture of a bat , I  thought “It looks like a Zen Buddhist leather queen contemplating its next astral disco”. Here is the picture. So I drew Bat boy. Bat Boy represents the universality of life. Much as, the karmic cycles and streetwear fashion 🙂

yoga wear

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