Our Approach –  T-shirts Yoga fashion

Our philosophy is to be spontaneous and live a life in the Tao, in the flow of the universe

Our vision(s)

T-shirt fashion

are both grounded and multidimensional. We enjoy meditation, mindful growth, dancing and philosophical debates. So our aim is to share this with you in t-shirt yoga fashion form.

All proceeds gained through t-shirts purchased will go towards the WIN (Women in Need) project which aims to provide safe and healing retreat accommodation for women and children recovering from the patriarchal system, with a specific need for refugee women.


Our Story

yoga wearSometimes life throws you curly ones. So we make art and t-shirts…  Oh and meditate. We call this T-shirt Yoga Fashion

Our range has come from a deep reflective and mindfulness process over the last 15 years – a catalyst of a spiritual awakening. You can read more about this on my sister site about Tarot and spiritual awakening . 


Meet the Team (ME)

t-shirts yoga fashion

Megsie Jackson

Founder & CEO

I am a holistic counselor, Author (get my book here) , mindfulness coach (take a look at my course) and artist  (Karma Tops). My dharma is to be of service to others (with discernment) and overcome hindrances to kindness and compassion. My karma work is to help people overcome depression and anxiety and spiritual crisis through mindfulness counseling (Take a look here). I am grateful that I have been given this gift and feel very rewarded when I see people growing and overcoming life’s challenges. I am aiming to create a healing retreat to help refugees and women in need to rehabilitate into a new life path, as I feel there is a great need for this type of space.  This is why I began Karma Tops  – from a deep yearning and despair to do more 🙂

T-shirts yoga fashion and style

Here is an example of our Abstract Art Yoga pants and Mini skirts

I have been processing time again – I need to stop reading Einstein. I’ve been thinking about what bridges one stage of life – or one situation in life to another. And I realised it is time – it is time that helps us move from one place to another – well a least psychologically :).

So I put on some music and painted this.

yoga pants fashion
Yoga Pants
yoga art mini skirt
Mini Skirt





The Tao Range

I was contemplating a feather that had landed in front of me while I was processing my day. It was so lovely, I was impelled to draw it. It made me think about the flow of life, how harmonious life is when we flow with things. It’s a fundamental principle of the Tao or the ‘Way’.

Taoism is an ancient philosophy that has infiltrated the Western psyche, ever heard the saying ‘go with the flow’, that’s The way of Tao. Living with the flow of nature, in basic terms.

“Those who lives the Tao ( “sacred intuition” ) act in their life and dealings as water acts in nature. Water does not resist, yet it conquers all; it is tasteless — suggesting the invisibility of the Tao — yet life-giving. It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure. It is supple, flexible, and humble; it does not compete” ~Taoism

yoga wear
Yoga Pants







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