Byron Bay and Nimbin – Alternate living art

This one is called “Somewhere between Byron Bay and Nimbin”.

Let me explain 🙂

nondual art


is a famous town (One hour from Byron) in NSW . Nimbin is surrounded by lush green hills and valleys as is Byron. Nimbin however is inland and is filled with rivers and creeks and rainforest and Byron is a beach side town. It is full of rich Aboriginal history and sacred story – it is the land of the Bundjalung people and this is respected by most of the locals that live here.

Nimbin is an alternate town – with original hippies moving there in the 70’s on the forefront of trying to create a utopia, a society that lives consciously with the land – it’s a down to Earth rural town with a twist that promotes liberation – being free and true to your true self – whatever that may be – with a huge advocacy for legalising cannabis it prides itself on environmental initiatives such as permaculture, sustainability and self-sufficiency as well as the cannabis counterculture. . I call it ’Australian’s accidental Amsterdam’. It has the raw Aussie working class vibe to it!

And the Famous Byron Bay

is a thriving beach side town that has a vibe of liberation with an underbelly of Aussie locals and spiritual seekers and some charlatans – its a mixed bag of materialism an freedom. But the beach and the vibe have something magic that brings people from all around the world back again and again.

I recently (spontaneously) took a week off to regenerate, took my tent and bare minimals and camped by the river in Nimbin for three days. No one around I meditated by the river in the thick of the rainforest, eating Bunya nuts and wild tomatoes and brewing my tea on the fire.

I then caught a bus to Byron, an hour of winding roads amid sweeping valleys, rivers and hills of lush green with the occasional duck on the back of a cow in meadows and farms galore.

When I arrived home i grabbed the paintbrush and an old canvas and this arose from my subconscious within 10 minutes. I called it ‘somewhere between Nimbin and Byron’ as I has merged the two together – the peace and tranquility of the rainforest and the beauty of the beach – a happy medium. As the Buddha says ” The middle way” 🙂

Notice in the middle of the forest there is a mystical scene – it represents the non-local world – that which goes unseen. The magic of both places is in this scene 🙂 Byron Bay art 🙂

nondual art

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