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Bringing you contemporary yoga, art and contemplation

I love to paint, draw, create through our meditation and life experiences. I love sharing this with people as it helps us all to feel connected and to shine (hopefully:)

I draw or paint or photograph everyday to help me stay in tune with my spiritual centre. I love putting life and story and dharma teachings to the art or experience; or to simply impart knowledge. We are always growing, expanding, learning and therefore creating. After 15 years of daily (no less than 2 hrs) meditation and Sādhana (practice) I feel the creative pulse pulling me, driving me, perhaps even being me, like a force. I feel this helps me to stay inspired, open and closely aligned to truth.

This blog hopes to bring, the joy, the union, the dissolution, the opening, the letting go, the intention, the shredding, the karma, the dharma. I hope you enjoy these creative insights as much as I do experiencing, being and creating them. Namaste Megsie 🙂

We also interview established & up and coming artists & fashion designers across the globe.
Yoga Art Fashion Interview
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November 11 2017
Sally Adnams Jones

art and fashion blog

Sally is an arts educator from Sth Africa, residing in British Columbia, Canada. With a recent completion of her PhD in Transformative Arts and a history in Yoga (masters), Sally is currently writing 3 books and creating art for love and social change. A force to be reckoned with – A beautiful mind!

Sally is a yoga art fashion wonder!

Passionate about the evolution of our species and creating fundamental change through the arts, we will be exploring her plethora of wisdom and creativity, as well as looking at the depth and beauty of Sally’s life works.

Check out Sally’s art work (above) and get very excited about a rich and transformative experience. Stay Tuned and Focused 🙂 See  Sally’s interview Here

Join her Facebook page                Read her PhD article here

Yoga Art Fashion Interview

January 12 2019
Malinda Swain

Malinda Is a beautiful and gentle soul with a passion for anything creative and expansive; a lover of art and fashion. She is based In Philidelphia, USA, specialising in recycled paper oragami (see her amazing work below ) – featuring in New York’s Saks on 5th Avenue this year – she has recently left behind the rat race and started a new adventure decking out an old school bus to travel the abundant Australian coast with her beautiful family.

We will be exploring Malinda’ spiritual journey, from meditation and art therapy, to gathering photo’s of barns and signs and following numbers, to becoming a well known and sort after designer of galleries and hot fashion spots. This will be exciting!

Check out her Facebook page here

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8 thoughts on “Yoga Art Fashion Blog”

  1. This looks amazing! Thanks for this blog, it is much needed and seems progressive. Just what the art and fashion scene needs 🙂
    Warm regards
    Cynthia – Bourgogne, France

  2. Wow. I love this, thank you. I am looking forward to reading these articles, interesting people you have chosen.
    Julia – Mumbai, India

    1. Thank you Julia. I will be putting up a subscription link soon, so you can receive the articles direct to your email account 🙂 I appreciate you enthusiasm and support 🙂

  3. Awesome. . I am looking forward to the intelligent dialogue and hopefully my own learning. They both look like interesting people and incredibly creative. Thank you.

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