Inner Peace, a fashion or a goal of Yoga?


“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”
― Gautama Buddha



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Wikipedia defines Inner Peace as: “( Inner peace or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.”

Fashionable perhaps, like a yoga pose on a Sunday, most people are seeking peace in life, usually from some stimulus or an external situation. So they keep going after more more more.I mean is it even attainable in this day and age, not more but less?


The yoga’s say it is within – they point to the inner self to find peace.Buddha clearly states it is within, Lao Tzu says its the natural flow within you, The yogis say that it is without You? So what is this yoga everyone is talking about? Do i bend over and everything is going to be ok?

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What on Earth are they all talking about?


Consciousness is the first stage of Inner peace or going within. It’s a new word that’s been around for centuries, fashionable. New science has a term ‘the hard problem of consciousness”. The problem is consciousness (or awareness) is not measurable. And if it can’t be measured then it isn’t Science. So it doesn’t exists. Sounds particularly nondualist to me.

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Modern physicists are staring to admit that they may never understand consciousness and with each new discovery they know less. Some are even turning towards the Hindu and Buddhists texts to get inspiration (another immeasurable).

It’ a bit of a conundrum we have found ourselves in.

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This brings us back to the yoga, The idea that Inner peace is found through consciousness (awareness). It’s a bit like the Zen koan “The obstacle is the path”. According to science awareness doesn’t exist so how on earth are we to find inner peace?? Oh it’s an obstacle. Of the mind. So the problem is the mind.

yoga inner peace

The secret of the universe

So I found the secret to the universe ooops I mean inner peace. I’ve saved the scientists millions of dollars and the lay person thousands on yoga retreats. I’m not very fashionable you see.

When I sit and be, I am in pure consciousness (no mind chatter, no identification with self or events), I feel into consciousness, spaciousness. This is were I find the bliss and the peace -with no desire to measure it!

warm blessings



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