Karma Yoga and the #MeToo Consciousness


Today I was reflecting on how industry has developed it’s own kind of energetic force within our psyches and has therefore effected how we live as a society.

karma yoga

This led me to ponder how Buddhist and Hindu practices are becoming popularised; and an industry unto themselves, as a by-product of and also a solution to Industrialism.

‘It’s all relative’, said Einstein.
consciousness einstein
I am Irrational

This led me (of course) to thoughts on Karma.

It’s a big jump I know (from industry to Karma), but someone has to do it.


Many of of us think of Karma as ‘what goes around comes around!”

Great so when Mandy treats me bad, I don’t have to do anything “Karma’s going to get her.

karma thirt

As the founder of  KARMA Tops, I better have a good understanding of what karma really is, or it might come and bite me on the bum.

So as we go deeper into Yoga, beyond the asana and into the contemplation

yoga art

As we become mindful and aware

What were you thinking came from a process I was undergoing at a time in my life when I was questioning how our mind creates our reality.

I was watching my thoughts and when a negative thought came up I replaced it with a more life affirming and prosperous thought.

This went on for days. It is hard work.

I documented this and saw before my eyes how my life was actually changing for the better. What I was thinking was coming true!

Sorry I got off track again – I think it’s my karma. Ahha that’s it! That answers the question:

What is Karma?

Let’s Keep it simple.Like all good Yoga.

Karma translates literally from Sanskrit as ‘action – work or deed’. As humans we experience this as, thoughts, words and actions. So our thoughts words and actions make up our karma.

That was easy. After all these years of suffering. If someone had of told me that this big bad Karma out there somewhere was in me, i could have saved myself a lot of trouble.

karma yoga
oh #metoo

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the saying “one door closes and another door opens.”

It’s a good and true philosophy – A Buddhist practice is to contemplate impermanence – it helps us to be more accepting of inevitable change in our lives.

Did you know that this saying was actually coined by Alexandra Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell had a lot failures and setbacks in both his career and private life.

However, he never quit.. His actual quote is

“When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

I drew this one day just as I was about to open another door

A karmic door


An elephant came to me in deep meditation.

I was struggling at the time with sad emotions that were spontaneously arising. The elephant energy moved through me and I felt a sense of the strength of the elephant energy within me.

I spent the next few mornings drawing this elephant.
I felt I was integrating the strength of the elephant within my psyche.
I began to find clarity in my emotional upset.

Elephant medicine teaches us the power of gentleness, communication and commitment in relationships. Three vital elements to all relationships that attribute to the longevity trust and lovingness of a relationship.

Perhaps I wanted to be heard 🙂

Which brings me to the #metoo topic.

I know it’s not your usual coherent article style. It’s the yoga you see. It has a different flavour. It makes one real. You become less like a sheep and more like an elephant.


inhale exhale yoga
metoo yoga
The experience of frustration.

Holy crap! you may say (possibly even literally); what does this have to do with Yoga Industry and Karma?

For a long time I was very upset that Yoga was becoming industrialised, mainstreamed. It actually made me angry. I thought “another bastardisation of truth and now Yoga is going to become another eaten up beauty in the Capitalist machine.” I had forgotten Einstein relatively and timelessness.

YOGA means Union

or points to union.

Left brain and right brain merge and oneness is experienced. In relative terms.

Union with higher consciousness, source or the divine. Consciousness as it were.

Then I remembered Karma means my thoughts also. So I began to look deeply. There’s that yoga again.

Or is it my good Karma

yoga art
The hand of Goddess

I was researching Micheal Angelo and the influence he had on art.

I realised he was employed by the Pope of the time and was under orders to convey Catholic messages. He asked for specific freedom to paint his own ideas upon his Sistine Chapels commission, which the Pope eventually allowed.

He painted a scene ‘The Creation of Adam’, apparently inspired by the ’Book of Genesis, depicting God as a white bearded man reaching out to Adam (a naked man) with his hand. It is one of the worlds most renowned artistic works which finds thousands lining up each day to marvel at this piece..

I looked at this picture long and hard and was compelled to redraw the image with a feminine interpretation to show how our psyche reacts to image.

I used the long fingernails to show how we have structured gender around certain unnatural expectations. My interpreting the female ‘hand of god’ with painted nails and Micheal’s painting god as a white man are equally oppressive of truth and the beauty that both may have to offer.

I added the quote “Your in good hands” as a pun on ‘The hand of God’ to express the maternal nature of the mother of creation, a nurturing element (that may be hindered by the fake painted nails) and one that is not represented in the christian era.

And thought it was a refreshing gesture 🙂

Megsie can you get to the point?

I began to realise that it was all ok. That for a system to break down and transform, the change would have to come from deep within and slowly, the same way it had been built. The process of reconditioning would have to happen from the inside out, through the movement of yoga as industry. Which was deeply linked with karma.  And happen in increments, one conscious or unconscious asana at a time.

That we were in good hands

The universe works in mysterious ways.

yoga wear
transformation is weird

Transformation is a process

Karma – Thoughts words Action

Yoga – Union

#metoo – Oneness

I drew this woman some time ago when I researching classical painters, I think she came from a merging of Picasso and Da Vinci, I was strongly attracted to their styles and colours.

karma t-shirts

I was going to add the better half of a quote to this one – A woman is like a tea bag – as I thought it would be playful and funny. From the quote

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.- Eleanor Roosevelt.

But when I first decided to use this pic “metoo came to my mind and each time i thought about the pic my intuition kept drawing in #metoo… and eventually I decided to listen to it.

In hindsight it is probably better than “a woman is like a teabag’, as we all know the derivation of the #metoo campaign – objectification of women – and calling a woman a teabag isn’t really going to help.

metoo dualism
metoo dualism

So too as the system breaks down, as yoga takes over industry; so to will the social changes organically break down a system that isn’t in alignment with the flow of the universe. And we may begin to honour the women who birthed us into this non-dual reality.

In conclusion, in case you have become confused. I’m blaming the #metoo movement on Industrialism and all its patriarchal implications), the industry of Yoga (awakening consciousness slowly through the system) and Karma (the unfathomable).

Everyone must engage in some sort of activity in this material world. But actions can either bind one to this world or liberate one from it. By acting for the pleasure of the Supreme, without selfish motives, one can be liberated from karma

Baghavad Gita chapter 3 (karma yoga)

I’m sorry, Ive done it again thrown in an entirely different spin “Karma Yoga”

May the #metoo movement bring peace and union to all sentient beings

Warm blessings


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