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Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening is becoming a pop culture phenomena, usually misunderstood. With western culture aggrandizing it into a sexual or manifestation power that can be forced and controlled, for ones own purpose.

kundalini awakening


As introduced by the Yogic texts, Kundalini is a powerful life force. It is beyond the conception of the human mind and is that which creates us, not us it!

Therefore, Kundalini awakens in us. Not us it!


Means a “spiral” or “coil”. In Yoga, Kundalini  or Shakti means the “coiled power.”

Usually, it is compared to a serpent that rests coiled, while resting or asleep.

Often, it is said to rise through the energy systems (when awoken), in the body (often fiercely). Also, It’s purpose is to clear the energy systems. To dissolve our conditioned self, to become a higher Self; our whole Self.

The Kundalini phenomena is found in most traditions and mystical cultures. But, with different names and cultural story lines.

The task of Kundalini is universally acknowledged as the transformation from material or matter to light or spirit. Or to our limitlessness. The Divine conscious power that resides within us is seen experienced and lived.

Also, In Hindu it is said to be a feminine power- a creational force! Known as Shakti.

Kundalini awakening

Hence, in many cases a Kundalini awakening is not an easy path. As, it shakes up our reality. This energy can force us to reassess our lives. Enforcing us to let go of identification with our conditioned self.

Consequently, this is not necessarily an all blissful and joyous journey. Although, it can be. It can take a long time to readjust. It is always best to seek help. Take a look here at the Kundalini Emergency page for more information and resources.

Personally, I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening or experience some 15 years back. At the time I had no information, no idea at all what was happening. I had no yogic or spiritual knowledge beyond my early Catholic years.

Fortunately, it was a blissful experience and I had no fear what so ever. Yet, it shook up my world and the blissful experience was just an experience. Therefore, following it was intense psychological upheaval and a period of the dark night of the soul.

Now, after many years of meditating and reconditioning the mind, I live an ordinary life. Yet, one of Seva. That is, helping others. As well as, enjoying a deeper connection to life/nature and the unknown; all with a deeper sense of creativity and flow.

So, I drew this recently, as I was processing how long this spiritual journey has been and how I am still always evolving.

Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about Kundalini, from a scholar of Sanskrit, Indian philosophy. And, someone who has personal experience, watch this video 🙂

warm blessings


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